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Blow Up Monsters!

Show those monster's who's tha bawss as you clean the world of all evil. See them blow-up to pieces in slow-motion when you stomp on them!


Tons of stages to play in!

The game comes loaded with many stages to fly through: Hell, the Cave, the Crypt, the Cemetary and much more including space!

Our Super Hero!

Jump, fly and pick up boosters!

Super heroes don't just jump: they fly! Zip thru the levels by picking up coins, potions, magic rings and orbs that give you the energy you need to fly and also give you other amazing special abilities.

The Deadly Cloud

Use Your Superpowers!

Use your superpowers to gain an edge. Shoot the zombies with your superbones! The green nuclear cloud will kill all monsters around you; your rocket boost will send you upwards when you are stuck; and the magnet will pull all the coins straight in your pocket!

Play to super music!

We went out of our way to create a great musical score whose powers are only surpassed by your own. Seriously, every stage has its own great music.

Play on your iPhone AND your iPad

Play a quick game on the go on your phone or use your iPad for a more cinematic experience!